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Эмили Дикинсон Эмили ДикинсонАмериканская поэтэсса

By my Window have I for Scenery
Just a Sea -- with a Stem --
If the Bird and the Farmer -- deem it a 'Pine' --
The Opinion will serve -- for them --

It has no Port, nor a 'Line' -- but the Jays --
That split their route to the Sky --
Or a Squirrel, whose giddy Peninsula
May be easier reached -- this way --

For Inlands -- the Earth is the under side --
And the upper side -- is the Sun.
And its Commerce -- if Commerce it have --
Of Spice -- I infer from the Odors borne --

Of its Voice -- to affirm -- when the Wind is within --
Can the Dumb -- define the Divine?
The Definition of Melody -- is --
That Definition is none --

It -- suggests to our Faith.
They -- suggest to our Sight.
When the latter -- is put away
I shall meet with Conviction I somewhere met
That Immortality.

Was the Pine at my Window a 'Fellow
Of the Royal' Infinity?
Apprehensions -- are God's introductions --
To be hallowed -- accordingly --

Эмили Дикинсон

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