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1000 Scupltures of Genius

From antiquity to the 20th century, this sculpture collection offers a truly original vision of Western art. Here are the most sensual and harmonious masterworks to the most provocative and minimalist sculptures. Sculpture shapes the world and our concept of beauty, leaving everlasting silhouettes and always creating new intriguing ones. These masterworks are the mirror of an era, of an artist and his public and through this sculpture gallery, one visits not only the history of art, but history as a whole. Between the acclaimed ideals of beauty and the most controversial works, 1,000 Sculptures of Genius will give you a true panoramic view of Western sculpture. Along with numerous references, comments on masterworks and biographies, this work enables the reader to rediscover Western world heritage and is the perfect guide for art students and statuary lovers.

Author: Patrick Bade, Joseph Manca, Sarah Costello

ISBN: 978-1-78310-407-9

1000 Scupltures of Genius

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