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Sex in the Cities. Volume 3. Paris

Conveying six centuries of gallantry, serving as the world capital of fashion and love, Paris is the very symbol of eroticism and of joyful sexuality. Offenbach, in La Vie Parisienne, had already created a hymn dedicated to the pleasure of senses.
The author, with complete freedom, follows Andre Malraux’s approach by building an imaginary museum, in a Paris where time no longer exists, space is never-ending, and desire is always present.
The iconography is exceptional, coming from unpublished private collections and covering five centuries of Paris’ erotic story. It is accompanied by an academic text which allows the reader to discover this world, never vulgar and always subtle, from when the first man looked at the first woman: eroticism.

Author: Hans-Jurgen Dopp

ISBN: 978-1-78525-919-7, 978-1-78042-006-6

Sex in the Cities. Volume 3. Paris

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