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Sex in the Cities. Volume 2. Berlin

In the 1920s, Berlin, once perceived as a puritan city, became the capital of lust and the debauchery of morals.
It was in this capricious town that an exceptional museum dedicated entirely to eroticism opened its doors. Abandoning all aspects of voyeurism, the Erotic Museum in Berlin is a magical place in which the imagination of man and the most refined works of art interact. This remarkable book is comprised of more than 350 rare illustrations, and accompanied by a major study written by, history professor, Hans Jurgen Dopp. It covers various aspects of erotica throughout time and continents.

Author: Hans-Jurgen Dopp

ISBN: 978-1-78525-916-6, 978-1-78042-006-6

Sex in the Cities. Volume 2. Berlin

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